Seed Sewing Sistas-New Creations as of 10-1-2020

We are excited to share a new part of our outreach. We have created some special "Senior Satchels" just for our Senior Ladies. (Anyone can use them, they were our inspiration for creating them AND some of our Seed Sewing Sistas have a heart for the elderly) We have also updated some of our Seed Pockets and made them LARGER and all that goes inside of them with larger print for our seniors to be encouraged. Email me for a zoom appointment for checking out some of our creations - we are working hard to have lots of goodies for Christmas.
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The fruit of the Holy Spirit offers us so much help.. but the second verse in Galatians 5:22-23, I think we overlook. LOOK at this visual. We do our part to receive these gifts too. IT is NOT by works we are saved or keep salvation!! We work or serve because our Passion for Jesus is so big, we have a big heart to serve, share, and strive to be like Him on a daily basis. Need fresh filling of the Holy Spirit daily! Thank You Jesus!

Seed Sewing Sistas at work and praying Gods Word will not return void and it will do what it is sent out to do. Isaiah 55:12

Senior Satchels - It will carry the phone, coin purse, keys etc. and can be worn around the neck and close to the body OR can be worn over the shoulder. We made this with our Seniors in mind to keep track of things. New and larger Blessins Seeds too!

Revised and Updated Price List for Seed Sewing Creations 9-30-20

Seed Sewing Sistas Video Tour as of 9/20/20

Seed Sewing Sista's Updated Tour of what we have in our Ministry Room - Vintage Room. Blessins bfc

Seed Sewing Creations - Zoom Meetings Area Available for Shopping

Blessins! We are so thankful for this ministry and outreach. Only God knew on July 2nd, where the simple idea He gave me in prayer time and study "Go and Sow" and gave me "Sowing/Sewing Seeds (Gods Word) via our creations and from 7-2-20 to 9-17-20 how much a simple vision and paper creation to share with women would come to the creations we now have and get new daily. Thankful. Thankful. bfc

Salt Shakin Sister Ministry - Introducing "Seed Sewing Sista's" Creations for Sale

This is a brief tour of our Seed Sewing - Salt Shakin Sister Outreach and Ministry Room. This is where it all happens - This is My Happy Place! We just wanted to give you a peak at what our ministry is doing now. If you are interested in the purchase of any of our items we can make appointments and shop from my room via "ZOOM" Appointments. Christmas is around the corner. My email is: or text me at 830/741/9974 and leave the message: "Interetest In The Seed Sewing Creations" and I will get back with you. See ya later with a better video and some items opened and clearer. blessins bfc

Seed Sewing Sista's - Thank You for Joining our Outreach for Jesus

Below this picture is the Seed Sewing PDF's to cut and paste to hand out. You will also find the PDF that has all the small encouragement/bible verses you can cut out and place inside the Seed Sewing Pockets. If you have any questions, email me at the bottom of this page. Thanks for sharing the Word - Gods Love, Hope, Peace and GRACE.

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Seed Sewing Handout Materials pdf

This PDF has all the Seed Sewing Pocket Materials you will need to make the Pockets to hand out as blessins. PS- On slide above we have created the materials so there is no cut and pasting involved.

Seed Sewing-Sowing Cards for website PDF

This PDF has several small pocket size scripture verses you can choose from - cut out and place inside the Seed Sewing/Sowing Pockets.
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