You are Cordially Invited to Join us for Fellowship and Gods Grace - Every Tuesday Morning at 11:00 am.


 Hello everyone!
I am sending this invitation via my FB Page and emailing list -on a bible series with Robert Morris, a bible teacher that I have really been learning a lot from; he teaches in a very simple format and when you finish watching his teachings, you will actually remember some of the things you learned! Imagine that :)
The subject is GRACE - we all need that.
You are cordially invited to our Tuesday  ZOOM Bible Studies  at 11:00 am in the morning.
I realize some of you may still be working, but thats ok! You can still be encouraged on your own  time and schedule by listening and learning..
We are currently holding these studies every  TUESDAY at 11:00 am -  on this subject: GRACE! 
 We are all commissioned to share the Gospel. We are His Ambassadors and called to be a light in the darknesswe can do that at such a time as this.
Email me at the bottom of this Page in comments section, and we will contact you if you are interested in joining us in our Bible Studies.
blessins bfc

All Our Bible Studies Posted on Monthly Calendars - pdf format

We try to make it is simple as possible; so if you forget what lesson is next, these calendars should help keep us on track.

This page is where I will try to keep the calendars posted for all  Bible Lessons.

We are currently having Bible Studies on line with ZOOM.

If you need some fellowship or encouragement, please contact me, we would love to have you join us as we learn and grow in Gods Grace and Love.

You Can email me at the bottom of this page in comments OR email me at:


June-July Calendar for Women Bible Studies

This PDF is for:
1) ZOOM Bible Studies on Tuesday Mornings @ 11:00 am-GRACE
2)ZOOM Bible Studies Thursday Mornings @ 10:30 AM-GALATIANS

July Bible Studies in the Book of Galatians

This PDF is the Calendar for the month of JULY only and for the Bible Studies remaining in this month.
Love all you Sista's. Anyone is welcome to come on board and join us!