We finally completed Ephesians! I don't remember how long we have been working on it, it will be such a joy to share with my Snail Sisters in our Bible Study. I can't wait to learn some new wisdom with my friends.

I have compiled ALL the chapters into one pdf study guide. I will be having it processed and uploaded to PDF so you can print the entire study guide out  and not have to click on so many tabs. We are learning.  Each time we do a new study in the future, we have learned some of the things to DO and NOT DO, to try and make the teaching more user friendly. 

Gotta love progress with Patience no doubt.




I Am Chosen!

I Am Adopted!

I Am a Child of God!

Join us on our journey through Ephesians. We will be having a Womens Bible Study with everything on this site in one of our ladies home in Castroville Texas. We will start this study in late February. For more information text me at:830/741/9974

Listing Of Weekly Lessons with Commentary Pages

This is a list of all the lessons and the verses to be studied in addition to BB= Believer Bible Commentary Pages that match the lesson verses and DAVID Commentary Pages that match the lessons

Book we will use with our Ephesians Bible Study

The reason the pdf's for each week are "only" scripture reference, is because we are going to be using the David Guzik Commentary  he created on the entire book of Ephesians. 

You can purchase it at Amazon.com or on his website. They are about $13.00

The book is a detailed commentary on Ephesians AND Galatians. So you are really getting two studies in "one" .  We hope to do the study in Galations sometime in 2020 and you will already have the book and no need to purchase a new one!

We will list the breakdown and page numbers that are in  the book that  goes with each Lesson we will be studying.  Each weeks lesson only has about 2-6 pages in the commentary to read. The more we put into our study time, the more we get out of it and the blessins and wisdom of God are more precious than silver and gold.

blessins  bfc

ALL of the Weekly Review & Discussion Questions PDF

This PDF contains ALL the Weekly Lesson Study Questions AND the Weekly Lesson Open Discussion Questions. Blessins bfc


This PDF has all the answers to the Weekly Lesson Questions.
blessins bfc

David Guzik Shares His Passion for writing the Commentaries we will use


David Guzik Shares His Passion and Reason for Creating and Sharing All these Bible Commentaries

Thank You David




David Guzik Ephesian Links we will be using in our studies

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-1-the-work-of-the-father-son-and-holy-spirit-in-gods-eternal-plan/  -                                                                                                                                                 The Work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in God's Eternal Plan

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-2-gods-work-of-reconciliation/ -                                                                                                                                                                                                                       God's Work of Reconciliation

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-3-the-fellowship-of-the-mystery/   -                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Fellowship of the Mystery

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-41-24-the-walk-worthy-of-the-call/                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Walk Worthy of the Call

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-425-521-the-new-man-and-walking-in-the-light/                                                                                                                                                                  The New Man and Walking in the Light

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-522-33-the-christian-marriage/                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Christian Marriage

https://enduringword.com/media/ephesians-6-the-two-essentials-in-spiritual-warfare/                                                                                                                                                            The Two Essentials in Spiritual Warfare

NLT Audio Version Read for Book of Ephesians

When the link opens, you will see the app. is ready to listen to in the book of Ephesians. This page/ website is awesome. You can view all books, listen to all books, read commenatries, listen to commentaries, its all FREE. What a blessing to help us in studing Gods Word!

Look up at the top rows. You will see more towards the top right where you will see a tab that is smaller and it says "Listen to the Bible" with a little speaker icon next to it. CLICK ON THAT AND THEN a box will drop down, you click/choose which bible version you want to listen to. You can work from top bar and go through all the links or use links below and go back and forth.  If you have any questions, text me at: 830/741/9974

blessins  bfc


http://blb.sc/002VwI - Ephesians NLT #1

http://blb.sc/003RZy - Ephesians NLT #2

http://blb.sc/002NaG - Ephesians NLT #3

http://blb.sc/002mFj - Ephesians NLT #4

http://blb.sc/002Owp - Ephesians NLT #5

http://blb.sc/002Nwx - Ephesians NLT #6