WE ARE EXCITED!!!! WHAG Women Life Group at Teresas house in Castroville every Thursday morning at 9:30 am. For more information, text barbara chapmond at 830/741/9974

We are starting our new 12 week bible study on STUDYING the word and learning how to retain and apply what we actually READ. You can click on each Chapter Lesson and have the capability of printing out the teachers PDF, which is being used alongside the book.

Women of Faith Bible Study Book - One of several series they  published. You can obtain the book on Amazon. This is a study you can do in our group or in your own personal study time.

We pray that God will fan the flame!  Speak to all of us in our Life Group and give us a HUNGER for the word like never before in our lives! Amen and Amen.

Lets get started - check out PDF Lesson #1  "Will This Be On The Test"?

Lesson #1

You can print out the pdf for each lesson. After lessons are done, I will try to post lessons with in depth answers later. blessins bfc

Lesson #2

Lesson #3

Lesson #4

Lesson # 5