Psalms 119 Audio Sermons Link

Click on the link below for a complete audio of sermons for the entire book of Psalms 119. It will be a blessing and enhance your knowledge and le

I am so glad that there are other teachers and preachers that we can learn from. Not everyone "out there" is someone you want to follow or listen to, but I beleive God leads us to the true Christ Followers and Teacher,s so we can grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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S O A P - Form for print out - PDF

This is the simple form you will use for your bible study time. It was created by:
Enjoy your time in the Word.
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Get Ready for Yummy Advice!!

Gods Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.

Excited about "re visting" an old bible study we did in 2008 on Psalms 119. It was awesome then and  all new again now. We have tweaked the first version and tried to make it easier on the eye to follow AND removed alot of the pictures that just took up space. With the updated version we have made PDF lessons so you can print them out and see they are more legible than trying to follow each page on this website. 

As our second time around, we are using the SOAP method for learning and it is very simple and not time consuming. So we will also do the PDF on the SOAP - 2nd Study on Psalms 119. We will make a pdf form of so you can print it out and do your personsal study. No incorrect answers, just reading a small section of verses each day, then write the verses down, then ponder what they say and what they mean to you and how you can apply them to your personal life. The SOAP is NOT my idea, and I will give credit where credit is due for the creater on the PDF form.