Tis the Season NOT TO BE FRAZZLED! Happy Birthday Jesus

Hey Ya'll. Wanted to upload a bible study 

 Tis the season NOT TO GET Frazzled. Blessins


Frazzled Female Session #1 Video - Salt Shakin Sister - BFChapmond

The Frazzled Female Bible Study - Author Cindi Wood - Taught by Salt Shakin Sister Barbara Chapmond - You can find the notes and pdf power point on this same website. Feel free to copy and use anything you find in this ministry of encouragement.

Frazzled Female Session #2 -BFChapmond -Video 1 of 2

The Frazzled Female Bible Study Check out all videos, lessons, powerpoints on our website at: www.saltshakinsister.simplesite.com

Session 1 Frazzled Female Power Point lesson

The Frazzled Female Power Point Of Bible Study - Use along with the Video lesson on Youtube also posted on this page

Session #2 Frazzled Female Power Point Lesson

#2 Frazzled Female Study. Feel free to print and reproduce, use in anyway to share the word. blessins- bfc

The Frazzled Female Session #3 -BFC - Power Point PDF Lesson

This is lesson # of The Frazzled Female
This lesson covers - Never Enough Time!
Put God First - and you will have more than enough time. Test Him, and see if this is not a truth.

Session #4 - These people are getting on my NERVES!

PDF Lesson #4 attached.

The Frazzled Female Bible Study - Salt Shakin Sister - Video 2 of 2

The Frazzled Female Bible Study Check out all videos, lessons, powerpoints on our website at: www.saltshakinsister.simplesite.com

The Frazzled Female - Session #3 - Never Enough Time!!


Notes taken from The Battle Plan – Kindrick Brothers


In our day of digital demands, the enemy can easily distract us by suggesting in our heads, that we chase the ding of a text, the latest buzz, or another two-minute viral video. A hundred times a day. Even while praying, he would love to get us focused on our To-Do List and the worries of the day instead of the Lord. So our Lord repeatedly warns us, “Watch and Pray. Stay on Alert”.


Jesus said whenever satan speaks  (which is all the time) “he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies” John 8:44. Strongholds, addictions, and sins are founded upon lies. He displays the pleasure and hides the consequences. That’s why you can’t ever believe him. But too often we do…. If we don’t keep ourselves “serious” and disciplined for prayer. We are not strong enough to stand against his deceptions unless we’re on or knees, staying instructed in what is actually true. He will lie to you about God’s goodness, the Bible’s trustworthiness, who you really are, and what is morally right and wrong. He’ll use lies to puff you up in pride or condemn you into the depths of depression. Which brings us to….


In order for you to deflect these accusations, you need to be studying the Word, finding your identity in Christ, and praying for wisdom and discernment. That’s how you throw out his trumped-up charges.



Session #3 Frazzled Female Power Point Lesson

Here you go ladies, pdf format of powerpoint lesson #3 Frazzled Female Study. Feel free to print and reproduce, use in anyway to share the word. blessins- bfc

The Frazzled Female - Session #4 - These people are gettin on my nerves!!

Session #4

#1 - Living Peacefully-  People Are Getting On My Nerves!        PDF is below on this same page.                      

Memory Verse: If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone" Romans 12:18

Defrazzler: Anywhere you find yourself waiting, begin to pray. Your waiting time will take on a new meaning. Write about some of your prayer moments in your journal.

Focus: Finding peace with self leads to peace with others.

Scripture Reading: John 14:1-27 - identify areas where you feel insecure and troubled.

A few words spoken by another can throw you off track and disrupt your peace. Jesus' words had this effect on His disciples as He prepared them for His heavenly departure.

A Personal Phone Call from Jesus!

You want to hear a God Story? This is a personal and upclose one.

In the last week, there has been some "major" almost life threatening things happen in my family. In the midst of all that was going on, I receved a "phone call for a Jesus Mission"!

I had a dealer call me about purchasing a brand new car and that they were sure they could get me out of mine and into this new one. I knew it had to be a God thing for that to happen because, 1. I like my car and 2. Its' still fairly new 3. I would only trade "if" they gave me ...... and nothing else would do.

I met the sweet (new friend now) sales rep in route  home last Thursday evening, after being in the hospital with Wayne, and had her look at my car, and doing the transaction as quickly as possible because I had dogs at home that needed out. They had been in the house several hours without being allowed outside to do doggie business.

Long story short.... this girl had been through some tough stuff in life (as we all do, have been or will be) and I was allowed to share Jesus and words of encouragement and we had a great fellowship time!! Prior to leaving, I was able to hug and pray with her, right there in the show room, it did not matter who was around, this was a "divine appointment/call" from my Heavenly Father!  This is "not" a normal occurance that happens in my daily life!! 

The next morning on the way into SAT, early in the morning, I placed a bag in front of the showroom door with her name on it, full of Salt Shakin Sister Re Gift Me Blessins. On my way to drop off this gift, I felt in my spirit the Holy Spirit telling me the visit here, was not so much for her to get a commision or me to get a new car; it was for her calling, committment and new courage!

 I am so excited and honored to have been called to this appointment for Jesus. Oh, and another thing, one of the gates were open, and they are never open this early in the morning; it was open just for me to leave a blessin from Jesus and me.

Oh, by the way, no I did not get a new car, that would have been a second divine miracle for sure; that was not the reason for going to this dealership from the get go anyway.

At this tough season in my life, we are standing on Gods promises - walking in His peace and giving Thanks IN all things. Thank you Jesus.  OH AND ONE MORE THING - my new friend is coming to our Frazzled Female Class tomorrow morning! 

Blessin's - Shake some salt and sow some seeds today. Bfc

PDF-Frazzled Female Book Sample

Frazzled Female Sample of book we will be studying.
Simple and Easy to study.
blessins - bfc

Join us Frazzled Female Bible Study

Tilling The Ground - Sowing Good Seeds

I was thinking about how God works in our lives by tilling the "hard ground" of our souls. These are some teachingd on the 4 types of seeds in the bible -found on internet. blessins

Totally Committed -

First class 3/19/2016
9-11 am
Reid Hall
First Baptist Church - Hondo Texas


  1. 1.    I_______________________________ commit to my Father, my Bible study partners and myself to: 
  1. 2.   Love the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind.
  2. 3.  Seek first His kingdom during the next 4-6 weeks.
  3. 4.  Complete the weekly assignments before each group meeting.
  4. 5.   Pray for the women in our Bible Study
  5. 6.  Keep the confidential matters discussed within the Bible study sessions confidential.
  6. 7.   Be open and obedient to the Holy Spirits promptings.


Signature of all Sisters in our Bible Study: