James Bible Study Power Point

We found it! James Power point Presentation. Hope you can use it when taking the study. Thankful to share God's Word. Blessins - bfc

James Bible Study Contents

May. 3, 2016

James Bible Study Table of Contents

James Chapter 1:1-4 Opportunity Knocks
James Chapter 1:5-8 Do you need more Stability?
James Chapter 1:9-13 Poor In Spirit
James Chapter 1:14-17 Where is your temptation?
James Chapter 1:18-21 Who are you listening to?
James Chapter 1:22-25 Take A.C.T.I.O.N.
James Chapter 1:26-27 Wagging Tongues
James Chapter 2:1-4 Who is your favorite?
James Chapter 2:5-7 Which one are you?
James Chapter 2:8-11 Does sin have degrees?
James Chapter 2:12-14 Mercy triumphs over judgment
James Chapter 2:15-17 How dwells the love of God?
James Chapter 2:18-20 Has your faith transformed you?
James Chapter 2:21-23 Right with God through actions
James Chapter 2:24-26 Faith without works is dead
James Chapter 3: 1-2 R U Qualified?
James Chapter 3: 3-4 Wild Horses!
James Chapter 3: 5-8 Who’s In Control?
James Chapter 3: 9-12 Muddy Waters Run Deep
James Chapter 3: 13-16 “Jealous” -Who Me?
James Chapter 3:17-18 R U Workin’@ getting’ along?
James Chapter 4: 1-5 What’s your battle today?
James Chapter 4: 6-10 What kind of walls you built up?
James Chapter 4: 11-12 Judge OR Jury?
James Chapter 4:13-17 “IF”
James Chapter 5:1-6 Who holds your treasure?
James Chapter 5:7-12 A Farmers Mentality.
James Chapter 5:13-20 Rainy Days
“11 Simple Steps”
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May. 7, 2016

Powerpoint Lesson

We found a powerpoint presentation on the James Study Guide. Wow, its time consuming when you're going through years and years of files on your computer, especially me, I change the names and re work some of them so many times, gets pretty cumbersome. Hope this will be used for helps to someone.

James PDF Booklet sample lessons

This pdf is a start for your printable lesson to follow along with the videos. I will try to keep working on the entire book to format and change to pdf so I can post all of it. bfc

James Bible Study Video #2

The Bible Study - James-- PDF Printable s coming soon! There are 8 videos in total for this James Study - this simple site does no allow me to download all of them. You can find all of them on youtube from starting on one of these downloads.
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James Bible Study Video #3

James Bible Study Video #8