Today we are sharing a brief introduction video about the Colossians 30 Day Journey. We have all the lessons/segments already posted on this website, now we want to share them live in small segments. The plan is to share the Word of God, verse by verse. You can download and print out the entire study off the the menu on this website that says Colossians PDF.

The PDF is the entire study Day #1- Day #32 AND the creations we have made, cards, book markers, tags, plaques; the copies you can print out and utilize in whatever way you wish.

Our plan is to cover each Day briefly so all that are busy, can  view, listen and hopefully remember some great scriptures that will help you in your daily walk with Jesus and become a stronger Christian. Thanks for joining us. Love technology! Sit and view all the videos at once, one a week, two a day, view the same one that spoke to you more than once; whatever works best for you.