Contagious Joy Bible Study - pdf - Chapter One

Chapter One - Joyless Living
12 Week Bible Study - this posting includes PDF of our first lesson. You can purchase the E-Book for only $1.99 at and the paper back book is only $5.00

Our next womens Bible Study will be Thursday, August 1st. Celebrating Jesus and a new month already! Wow time moves fast. We will continue our Contagious Joy, Chapter Two.

Let us know if you want to join us - This Bible study is an extension Ladies Life Group (all ages) from Westover Hills Assembly of God - Medina Valley in Castroville. This Bible Study is being held on Thursdays at 9:30 am until about noon. We have food and fellowship, prayer, hugs, laughs, tears, JOY and Jesus!! We are learning the Word and walking as Christ Followers and His Disciples.

Contagious Joy #1 Introduction Video

Contagious Joy - Introduction about the 12 week bible study - Salt Shakin Sister - Barbara Chapmond - blessins bfc

Contagious Joy Bible Study - Chapter One

Its NOT about me and my selfies.... I want to put my glasses on have enough Contagious Joy inside of me that it will be a reflection off my glasses onto others. Amen

Come join us! We are going to do our best to make this simple bible study available ON LINE. For so many of us, thats the best way to study and take the time out of our busy schedule to hear and learn from Jesus! We are a work in progress and hope to get all 12 lessons available for you, with a PDF print out. We are also going to be praying about, if God will help me do a little video time of the lessons on youtube. We will see about that one. Blessins and praying that whomever comes to our live class or just studies via this website, Father please speak to them and let the healing process in their heart begin. Amen

Chapter One-Joyless Living

Great Day for new study. Was praying about a new study, got on line, looked at several studies, I want them all. I had to just read, pray and go with the strongest one in my heart and this is it. We will see where it goes and if and when anyone wants to jump on board and do study with me.

I will post the  PDF in next section so you can print out for Chapter One. You can purchase the book at Christian.Com for $5.99 -  ebook is only $1.99 - this is one of many Women of Faith study books, There simple and great tools to help you open the paperback bible and dig in, just watch how God speaks to ya!!