Contagious Joy Chapter Eleven pdf

Contagious Joy
Chapter Eleven
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Contagious Joy Bible Study (11)

 (Copied from our Contagious Study Book in Chapter Eleven)

Then you shall see and become radiant, and your heart shall swell with joy. Isaiah 60:5

Superheroes can be exciting because they have unique abilities. Some can fly-or at least leap tall buildings in a single bound. Others have heightened senses-hearing, sight, smell. Some are able to manipulate matter-fire, water, ice, stone, metal. Some superheroes can breathe underwater, run faster than the eye  can follow.

What super power would you find most useful? The amazing ability to sort socks at lightning speed? An uncanny knack for balancing a checkbook to the penny every time? The power of navigation, allowing you to reach your destination without the use of maps? The gift of picking a perfect cantaloupe every time—perfectly sweet, never too green or too ripe? Or how about the super ability of reading illegible handwriting? Or super strong fingernails, so that your manicures last indefinitely and you never break a nail?

If you could have any super power at all, what would you choose? Actually God’s gifts are better than the imaginary gifts of comic book superheroes. We have the strength of joy on our side, and it’s unshakeable, indestructible, invincible!