Luke Chapter 11 Video by David Quizik

Since Luke Chapter 11 was the main theme for this lesson, I wanted to hear what our Commentary Teacher taught: he actually had a live video teaching, so I am posting it for anyone that likes DIGGING DEEPER. blessins bfc

More Than Words Completed 8 Lessons Revised on 11-19-20

This PDF has some revisions in Lesson #8, as I reviewed it, I found I had not really finished it and some of the verses and questions were not correct. The pages for Lesson #8 are 59-63

What's In Your Hands - Stir Up The Gift God Has Given You.

Research for several verses in Lesson #6-bfc pdf

In the following PDF's you will find individual research on several symbols that appear throughout the bible. In our Lesson #6 it was all about symbols. This is a deep study but worth your studying it

Fig Tree pdf

Trees-symbolism pdf

Symbols-Daniel Chapter 4 pdf

Birds Symbolism pdf

Mustard Seed Meaning pdf

Leaven Symbol pdf

Womens Life Group at DISCOVER CHURCH every 2nd and 4th Thursday morning at 10:00 - 12:00 - Zoom lessons on 1st and 3rd same time. This is our schedule with date for our Thanksgiving Lunch after Lesson #7 11-12-20

More Than Words Bible Study Review Questions in one PDF

All eight weeks of our Bible Review Questions are IN THIS PDF.
You can print them out or view on line. The complete bible study is in ONE PDF below=57 Pages if printed out. blessins bfc