1-Contagious Joy Recap pdf

2-Knowing Gods Word Recap pdf

3-Book of Ephesians Recap pdf

#4 Book of Galatians Recap Pdf

#5 Overwhelmed by Grace Recap Pdf

#6 Words Life and Death Recap Pdf

#7 Follow The Cloud Recap Pdf

#8 Abiding in the Vine Pdf

Frazzled - Video #2 from several years ago

Thankful God keeps us moving forward. I copied this video from YouTube, when I did this complete teaching series several years ago; in 2021 Our "SALT SHAKIN SISTERHOOD" will be gleaning a few lessons from this book. This is not one of the studies we have ever done together at this time

#9 Frazzled Pdf

#10 War Room Pdf

The War Room Video from several years ago

The War Room was a bible study I did several years ago. We videoed it, (Not professionally) and our Womens Life Group has not done this study as of yet. I just wanted to share a tidbit lesson on it in our Growth 2020 Bible Lessons we are going to do in 2021. All these videos are on my website under the War Room Study. blessins bfc