Order of this Page - The Book of John

The Order of this Page will be:

1. The video link that will take you directly to "all" 36" video clips,  broke down in small videos-they are correlated  to show what is going on in each chapter we study. It is the Jesus Film-Book of John and it is awesome the way they have broke the film into small vidoe clips, only about 3 minutes long and are word for word what the bible says. A good visual aid to help with our reading and studying.

2. The Link that will take you directly to Robert Morris website that will have all 21 Audio teachings on all the chapters in John.

3. The Individual PDF Lessons we  have created for you to print out and study.


Title Names of all Video Clips on Book of John pdf

1- The Book of John Film broke down into Video Clips - all found on the link listed below

The Titles of all 21 Chapters of John-Robert Morris Teachings pdf

2- The Book of John - Audio Teaching LINK for all "Twenty-One" Chapters - Robert Morris

The Link below will take you directly to the 21 audio teachings by Robert Morris. Each week you will want to read your chapter each day, then listen attentively to the audio a few times. The more time you put into your study, the more you will recive and reatain and learn. 

I found it beneficial to have my chapter notes open and ready to follow along with Robert as he "reads" from the bible in the NKJV; that is what we have copied in our study notes for you. When you hear and see something, it just seems to "stick".

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3 - The Book Of John - All PDF Lessons listed below

Any questions or want to join us with our bibie studies via ZOOM or in person, contact Barbara Chapmond at 830/741/9974

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The Book of John - Chapter One pdf

This pdf is Chapter One standing alone- As we progress we will have this study in ONE COMPLETE STUDY GUIDE.

The Book of John Chapter Two - pdf

The Book of John Chapter Three pdf

The Book of John - Chapter Four pdf

This Chapter has not questions.
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The Book of John Chapter Five PDF

Foundational Quote for our John Bible Study

“To know God (Jesus in the flesh- The Light, The Life, The Lamb) is  to know more of Jesus. Without Jesus as your personal Savior is like  trying to walk around in a dark room, full of all sorts of obstacles; you are unable to make your way through the dark room without falling, stumbling and hurting yourself (lost without Jesus). Then someone turns on the light switch and now you can SEE THE LIGHTthat guides you through all the obstacles (trials and tribulations)  in the room. Jesus is the LIGHTthat saves you and gives you hope, direction, guidance and shows you The Way to get around the room/life with joy, gladness, victory and hope for you and others”!

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