Life Application Bible Study in the Book of Colossians

Its All About Jesus!

Since we feel a calling to study more books of the bible now, we are trying to set the lessons in a consistent format. It is taking some time and patience. We will eventually get there.

We are studying the books verse by verse with two different commentaries, while in addition to some great audio and video lessons that help us learn this Book of the Bible.

We are a work in progress. Growing together In Gods Grace!


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Colossians Bible Study pdf

This is The Book Of Colossians. We have the first 5 lessons completed for studying. We will update and revise as work is completed. THE first 5 lessons -we used Believers Bible Commentary then Davids

Enduring Word Ministry-David Guzik- Audio Commentary Teachings on Colossians

Its all about JESUS!

The Life Application Study PDF - Each chapter has a title and each chapter reflects the audio to listen to that goes along with each chapter. This section of this page will be used with the Chapters.

COLOSSIANS 1:1-20 - The Person and Work of Jesus

COLOSSIANS: 1:21 - 2:7 - The Treasure Hidden in Jesus

COLOSSIANS 2:8 -23 - Against Philosophies, Empty Deceit, and Tradition of Men

COLOSSIANSA 3:1-7 -Risen With Jesus; Putting off and Putting on

COLOSSIANS 3:18 - 4:18 - How the New Man Lives - Video Teachings on Book of Colossians

Go to: Calvary Chapel -

Click on  "MEDIA" - Go down to where you can type in the search box : TYPE IN  Colossians and IT WILL OPEN UP AND YOU WILL SEE THE ICONS FOR ALL THE LESSONS ON ONE PAGE.  SCROLL DOWN TO VIDEO #1  AND OPEN AND BEGIN YOUR VIDEO.  If you have problems with the streaming of the video iteself, you can download the audio and just listen to it.

If you have any problems, text me with your name and what you are trying to do at: 830741/9974


Lesson Videos:

1- The Word of The Truth of The Gospel   

2- Paul's Prayer for the Colossians  

3- The True Nature of Jesus   

4 - Aliens Now Reconciled 

 5 - Jesus is the Wisdom and Knowledge  

6 - Debt Cancelled & Darkness Conquered at the Cross   

7 - Don't be Cheated  

8 - Teaching    

9 - The Characteristicsa of the New Man  

10 - Put off - Put on 

11- The People God uses