Unforgiveness STARTS out as a SMALL SEED of OFFENSE

The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:7 we will be offended!

Woe to the world because of offenses, For offenses must come, but woe to that man/woman by whom the offense comes.

I think if we are taught that we WILL HAVE OFFENSES in our lives, we won't be surprised when it happens and we can be prepared to STOP it or KNIP IT IN THE BUD so to speak!

Offense progresses into anger, hurt, bitterness and eventually unforgiveness.

Lord help us STOP it at the offense stage so we don't have to be prisioners of unforgiveness.

How To Forgive - When You Don't Feel Like It - Book by June Hunt

This book is a must read!! It is now my daily bible companion!

Let the healing waters flow - its a lifestyle.

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Forgive AS Jesus Forgives

A Picture of Unconditional Forgiveness – JESUS

I never could understand (still can’t really fathom or comprehend this) how Jesus could be hung on the cross for all our sins and even those that murdered HIM, and then say from the bloody cross “Forgive them for they know NOT what they do”. What!! They knew what they were doing! They killed Him, brutally!

How could Jesus forgive them??? He did. Ok, I have not arrived at such a command, that even Jesus wants us to forgive 7x70=490 EVERDAY! But this is the thing, They DID NOT REALIZE what they were doing! Had they known what they were doing, they would NOT have crucified Him.

¨ They were lost- They were working out of the sinful nature- They were overtaken by anger, injustice, pride, arrogance, evil,  paganism, idolatry, you name it, the sin list is endless! 

¨ If they knew Jesus, they would have new hearts and KNOW what they were doing.-- By not knowing what they were doing, to me it means: they had no idea what awaited them when they died. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord- Everyone pays for their sins not covered by the blood of Jesus and His forgiveness at salvation. Had they known  what they were  doing and that it would send them to Hell and burn 24/7, constant anguish, where the worms never quit eating on them, the fire never stops, on and on! If they had seen this was the outcome for killing  Jesus, they would NOT have done it.

¨ But as we all know, this had to take place for YOU AND I, to be able to be saved by His Love and Grace, therefore we never have to think of anything but Heaven upon our death.        

 God help us to love and forgive as you do!!   We cannot do it in the  sinful nature we battle with every single day.

¨ Thankful for  your Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace – so help us give Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace.


Don't Keep Talkin About It! If You Forgave-You Won't Repeat the Offense!

Forgiveness Video Resources Below

God Why Do I have so much trouble forgiving????

Is this a question you often ask yourself?

2/14/2021 - The Book title: Choosing Forgiveness - Your Journey to Freedom

By: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Someone has described "unforgiveness" as the accumulation of unexpressed anger. Because it is denied, it can often be ignored, while all the time it is building and growing like an invisible tumor!


We cannot expect to live at PEACE with God or to experience His blessings in our lives if we refuse to forgive our debtors.

The wounds that have been inflicted upon you will not be made one ounce lighter by being stored up and left to fester. In fact, they will only become heavier and more burdensome.