True Beginnings 2003

I just had to go back and find where God had started helping me put lessons together. I forgot all of this.  It just goes to show me and you that God works with us on his timeline and is so gracious to give us only what we can handle. He feeds us milk, then we grow and start eating veggies, then meat in small increments until we are ready for the next growth spurt. It is all with His grace, love and patience. 

If you have a moment, scan through the Salt Shakin Sister Website as of 2020. It use to be just a bunch of pictures, ramblings, unorganized, etc. It changed from WOW- Women of Word -   to Salt Shakin Sister Outreach and NOW  it is Salt Shakin Sister Life Application Bible Studies and nothing is on our site except. Bible Studies. Not much room for ME when I just want to share HIM. Thank you Jesus for growth, humility and your love and understanding of the Word. Bless all that may study with us. Amen

Love Jesus

Love His Word

Love His Gifts and Callings

blessins  bfc

This is a snap shot of our beginnings sss-pdf

2007 - WOW - I just wanted to share with you the process and progress that God will take us on. We don't "get it all" as quickly as we would like. We have no idea what God has in store for us. GROWTH!