Our Life Applications Studies will be more uniform in 2020

When you use the lesson plans in this bible study,  (KNOWING GODS WORD) You will notice they are more "my lesson notes" than they are actual lessons, we have a book and we had a lot of HANDS ON work in our class.

             It has been GREAT!! The ladies and I are learning so much.             The love and friendships we have made are priceless.

When we go into our next bible study, it will be a lot different. We will have lesson handouts that are consistent in format and structure and bible verses with commentary notes. (NLT and KJV will be used in each lesson)

You can check out some of the new differences in the Ephesians Study on this website. 

Ephesians will be our next Life Group Womens Bible Study, starting in late February I think. You will see more on that in Ephesians Link.

Chapter #6 Lesson Plan pdf

Can you believe "learning Gods Word" even has some PITFALLS our flesh has to deal with?? Yep. We have to guard against pride! We have to avoid getting to big for our britches. Ouch!