CONTAGIOUS JOY Chapter Eight Study Guide PDF

Count It All Joy!
Tough Joy instead of Tough Love this week.
It is possible to be joyful in tough times, if it were not so, Gods Word would not have said so.

Contagious Joy #8 Digging Deeper Verse Study pdf

If you are one that really likes to DIG into the word of God and have extra time, these are all the verses that are BEFORE and AFTER each question verse in our Bible Study Chapter Eight.

Count It All JOY! Help Me Jesus!-Chapter Eight

Our thinking changes first, our actions come next, and our feelings follow. Instead of waiting for my feelings to change so I could act in a forgiving way, I needed to change my thoughts. Once my thoughts were back on track and my mind on Gods Word, I could make right choices about how I felt about a certain issue. Kay Warren Author of Choose Joy


As Christians, we often feel a kind of pressure to succeed. We want to get it right and give God the glory. But life has a tendency to throw curve balls. We’re hit with something we never saw coming, and all we want to do is put it behind us. But God has a purpose, even in our struggling times. When we long to shout, “That didn’t count! I want to try again,” God says, “It counts!                                                                                                                                                                       And what’s more, count it all joy!(copied from our study guide)