Chapter Four Lesson outlines and more in pdf format below

CONTAGIOUS JOY Chapter Four Word Study- PDF

Our Hearts Are Rejoicing In Him
PDF Print out for your study time.

Chapter Four Word Study with answers pdf

Contagious Joy - Chapter Four
Our Hearts Rejoice With Him
PDF - Lesson with bfc notes/answers

Contagious Joy #4 Digging Deeper Verse Study pdf

If you are one that really likes to DIG into the word of God and have extra time, these are all the verses that are BEFORE and AFTER each question verse in our Bible Study Chapter Four.

The Joy of the Lord should be our Focus-Chapter Four

You don’t even have to purchase a book, and don’t worry if you miss some of the lessons, come when your able. If you want, you can purchase the “E-BOOK” for only $1.99 at and or purchase the small book for only $5.00. The study is very simple and life applicable for spiritual growth, encouragement, joy, and knowledge. We are excited about making new friends and have great fellowship! We will be posting all study materials on my website and we are praying about possibly doing some short videos on each lesson.