Next Bibles and Brunch Dates - June 11th and July 16th

FYI Girlfriends:

We have had some date changes in our Bibles and Brunch Events.

Everyone is welcome!

For more information: text me @ 830/741/9974

Blessins  bfc

May 21st Brunch

May 21st was a success! We had a great time.

May 21st, our first Event for 2022

Everyone that came had a good fellowship and the food was plentiful!

We had the perfect example of UNITY  as everyone just chipped in there and got everything ready for our gals. Thank you all and excited to know everyone and grow in Gods Grace with you.  See you at our next Bibles and Brunch June 18th.

Blessins  bfc


The Women of Grace - Women Ministry is from the Crossroads Community Church and is a separate ministry from my Salt Shakin Sisterhood Ministry

This website is just sharing some of the events that the church ministry has to offer and wants to welcome all women.

For more information, you can click on Crossroads Community Church Page and view the website, church events and many ministries they offer.

Women of Grace - Women Serving Women in Unity and Grace

Co-Leaders: Christina Caldera and Barbara Chapmond