This power point is about 45 pages. It does not need to be printed out. It is an overview of what our 10 weeks will cover in the classes for 10 weeks - SHE'S GOT ISSUES. You'll need to order the book.

You Got Some Issues???? Gods Healing Grace Covers/Heals Us!!

In September 2022 we will be holding a Women's Lifeline in the mornings at our church.

More details to follow at a later date.

We have been working on our presentation/teaching tools via the power point created.

First two weeks will be addressing "Anxiety-what causes it and how to get help and healing day by day. Videos will be from Pastor/Counselor/Author: Steve Cuss - Managing Anxiety

Last eight weeks we will do our study with Nicole Unice - Pastor/Author/Counselor/Mom of three children who lives daily doing the mundane things we do, yet serving Jesus and others. Book and Videos: She Has Issues!

You don't want to miss this life changing-Spiritual Growth Opportunity!

Lets get real, authentic, transparent, honest, and vulnerable!

blessins bfc😍😍❤💜💙💚💛💥


Finding Freedom From Anxiety/Fear/Approval

I have been on a personal "spiritual growth journey" since early 2022. As I move along the stages of transformation and growth, I am finding out things about myself I never knew AND I am here to tell you, this is a tough walk, takes time, repetitive learning, listening, reading and practicing on a DAILY BASIS.

I am praying and trusting that I will be able to facilitate/teach/comfort other women via this wonderful  teaching resource by Nicole Unice!

I plan to share things on this menu page as the Holy Spirit leads.