2022 Women of Grace - Christmas Event - Womens Council

Next Bibles and Brunch-  January  14th. 9:00 - 10:30. Everyone is welcome! cc/bfc

Next Bibles and Brunch- August 13th.  9:00 - 10:30. Everyone is welcome!  cc/bfc

Bibles and Brunch Lesson PDF for July 16, 2022

This pdf is 14 pages in length. 

There is so much to share on "Freedom From.....", books,videos and teachings - it is totally inexhaustible!

The lesson to be shared is very brief and because the talk time is limited to about 30 minutes, there is no way I can cover everything.  Therefore, for those of you that like "all the details" and want to really capture the fullness of the lesson, we are sharing the lesson in pdf format.

Blessins - bfc

B&B Lesson July 16 - 2022 - Freedom From -pdf

This is a 14 page printable pdf.
The talk time for our Bibles and Brunch is only 30 minutes. This subject is so important, I wanted to make the full lesson available to everyone.blessins-bf